What a week!

Here's what you missed.

Kirsten Martin

Republican Sen. Susan Collins was a bastion of independence and moderation in Congress for more than two decades — but those days are long over. The brilliant Rebecca Traister digs deep into what changed. (The Cut, ~37 min.)

The pink princess, with its pink-streaked, heart-shaped leaves, caught fire and became the year’s “It” plant. But in short order, there were pink plant scams everywhere. (WIRED, ~13 min.)

Protective face masks are selling like crazy right now, but what happens if the coronavirus turns into a global pandemic? The owner of a Texas medical supply company sounded the alarm years ago. (Washington Post, ~9 min.)

Meet Roberto, a comfort soup that went viral years after its creator shared the recipe in a now-shuttered email newsletter. (New Yorker, ~11 min.)

Oregon’s mental healthcare system was ranked among the top in the nation. Then Anthony Montwheeler killed two people, just after he’d been released from state oversight. What on earth happened? (Rolling Stone, ~35 min.)

On the road to Bond with Ana de Armas, the breakout Cuban star of Knives Out. (Vanity Fair, ~15 min.)

Holding pattern, touch base, level-setting: The language we use at work is the worst. Here’s how we got here. (Vulture, ~19 min.)

Whistleblower Susan Fowler put everything on the line to sound the alarm about a widespread culture of sexism at Uber. Her life will never be the same. (The Verge, ~14 min.)

Why the differences between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders matter. (The Atlantic, ~5 min.)

Katie Porter was a promising freshman congresswoman from California when her career was derailed by revenge porn. Where does she go from here? (Playboy, ~13 min.)

On call for 24 hours — and 82 incidents — with the firefighters of Station 9, whose Los Angeles territory includes skid row. (L.A. Times, ~14 min.)

Miss America is a hot mess in the era of MeToo. So the ever-delightful Lyz Lenz headed to a casino in Connecticut(!) to capture a cultural institution on the brink. (Jezebel, ~17 min.)

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